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About Villa Gilli

Villa Gilli is a family-owned villa located in Lucca, Tuscany. The villa has been home to the Gilli-Gherardi family since it was built in the early 1920s. Nonna Rosa Gilli, whose passion for gardening was widely known, named the streets around her home after her beloved flowers. Even today, the streets bordering our garden are named Via delle Rose (Street of Roses) and Via dei Garofani (Street of Carnations).

Villa Gilli has been passed down through the generations. Mark and Jane are now holding it in trust for their children. Because of the decades long relationship Mark’s family has had with Villa Gilli, it’s neighborhood, Sant’Anna, and the city of Lucca, we have a deep understanding of the area and Tuscan culture. Cafes, restaurants, beautiful country walks, nearby village festivals, we can advise on anything a visitor to Lucca and Tuscany could wish for.

The Gilli Sisters, Laura and Maria, in 1914.

This shows Villa Gilli very soon after it was built in 1924. There are no other houses in the area. Nonna Rosa is seated next to her Husband, Giuseppe Gilli. Laura stands next to her husband Aldo Venturi. The smaller boy is Mark's father, Gherardo Gherardi.

Celeste Tranfaglia Gherardi, Mark's mother, on one of the balconies. 1965

A view of the villa from the street in 1968.

Villa Gilli's garden in 1968.

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