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Food to try in Lucca



Discover and taste traditional Italian pizza! Pizza comes in all different combinations and is a must try food when in Italy.


Felice Ristorate Pizzaria - Delicious Tuscan style italian food with delicious pizzas. Located right outside the villa!

Pizzarte - Cheap and affordable pizza that is just a 10 minute walk from Villa Gilli.



Pasta is a staple food in Italian diets. Italians have perfected the preparation of pasta. Any pasta dish you order will come perfectly al dente with a delicious sauce.


Bar Al Viale- This is a family favorite restaurant with a wide range of different pasta dishes to try, especially the Carbonara pasta!



Looks like a croissant, but the texture and taste is completely different! This Italian breakfast pastry is sweet and with every bite, the cornetto melts in your mouth. A must try while in Lucca!


Pasticceria Belluomini - This little hole in the wall pastry shop makes cornettos and other pastries fresh every morning. Make sure you arrive at the shop early to get the freshest cornettos paired with a cup of Italian coffee!



Whether it is summer or winter, gelato is always a food you must have when in Italy. The soft and smooth melt in your mouth texture is perfect to satisfy your sweet tooth.


La Bontà Yogurt e Gelato - Perfect frozen yogurt and gelato with a wide range of flavors. There is a flavor for everyone!

Gelateria Veneta- Delicious gelato also with a wide range of flavors. You can also get other specialty desserts such as crepes and picture-worthy sundaes.

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